Why Dolfenal?

Dolfenal contains mefenamic acid 250mg/ 500mg for relief of mild to moderate pain.  

Mefenamic acid has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic actions. It inhibits cyclooxygenase (COX-1 and COX-2) isoenzymes which in turn inhibits synthesis and release of a group of chemicals called prostaglandins. Prostagladins are involved in pain pathway and development of fever and inflammation. 

Unlike other NSAIDs, mefneamic acid also appears to complete with prostaglandins for binding at the prostaglandin receptor site and thus potentially affect prostaglandins that have already been formed. 

Mefenamic acid’s antipyretic and analgesic properties are due to its central (actions on the brain) and peripheral (action at the site of tissue injury or inflammation) mechanism 

For symptomatic relief of mild to moderate pain including headache, dental painpost-operative and post-partum pain, primary dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia 

For symptomatic relief of musculoskeletal and joint disorders including osteoaritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  

Adults and adolescents older than 14 years: 

Dolfenal 250 mg …….. 1-2 tablets every 8 hours as needed or as directed by a doctor 
Dolfenal 500 mg …….. 1 tablet every 8 hours as needed or as directed by a doctor 

Each tablet contains: 
Mefenamic Acid ………………………………………. 250 mg/ 500 mg 

Box of Dolfenal 250 mg tablets (25×4’s)
Box of Dolfenal 500 mg tablets (25×4’s) 

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